Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Do you love science experiments for children? Kids love doing science experiments and would really appreciate something simple like making a balloon animals experiment. Do you have kids, and do you plan to have a science fair in your area this year?

Kids love to do science experiments they just love experimenting. It is their way of getting kids to think outside of the box. Kids love to see new things, smell different things, touch different things and try out new things. So it is up to us as parents to make sure we are helping our children along in making the most out of their time spent in science class. Do you know that there are some easy science experiments you can do with your kids that will get kids excited about science?

Some of the easiest kids science experiments include getting kids to mix five sponges together. This can be done with the hands or with a plastic spoon and a sponges. What you need is some baking soda, some cotton balls or other small pieces of paper and some sand. You can find this combination in any craft store. Once you have all of these items, you simply mix up the cotton balls and then the sand and then finally the sponges. Your child will be absolutely fascinated with this experiment because they get to create all kinds of different things.

Another great way to do some simple science experiments with kids is to make your own pH test strips. This is a great way to teach kids how important it is to test their urine to see what the pH level is. Kids will learn a lot with this experiment because they will learn about how the pH level will effect different things like fruits, vegetables and meats.

One of the simplest science experiments that kids can do is to make soap. This can be done by taking one part of soap and adding water and then applying that to a glass or ceramic container. For this soap experiment, you will want to add at least four drops of the soap and then put that into the container with the water.

Other fun science experiments you can do with kids include making magnets. With this experiment, you will want to gather some baking soda, a magnet cover and a paperclip. The easiest way for this science experiment to work is for you to hold the magnet cover over the piece of metal you are going to magnetize and place the paperclip into the hole of the magnet. After that, you will repeat the steps to make sure the magnetized area is coated with the baking soda. Make sure that you only cover the area where the paperclip will go because if you magnetize areas where the paperclip won’t go, you will not have much of a magnetic effect.

Making a lava lamp is also another interesting science lesson you can do with younger children. With this experiment, you will need one uncooked egg, a small piece of wax paper and some dish soap. You will start out by placing the uncooked egg into the hole in the middle of the wax paper and then stretching the wax paper to make a dome shape. Next, you will place the lid of the dish soap onto the rim of the egg and allow it to sit there for about five minutes so that the egg gets hot. Then, remove the lid and stretch the wax paper over the rim so that you form a loop.

When you have kids that are in school, you can find plenty of other great science experiments that they can do to have fun and learn. These ideas are great because they are fun and kids love doing them. In addition, when kids do these types of projects, they are showing that they have good problem solving skills and they are also having fun. By having a fun science project, you can teach your kids about science in an enjoyable way.

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